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Exit Strategy Success | HazeGray & Elderstatesmen

We are pleased to announce the smooth transition of HazeGray (Sole-Proprietorship). All parties were well satified and congratulatory with regard to the process, the planning, the organization and the outcome. Another successful Exit Strategy carried through.

General Announcement | 2012 Elderstatesmen       

TheCrowd and Elderstatesmen Join in Partnership

Negotiations have officially concluded and we are delighted to announce that ElderStatesmen will be joining with TheCrowd, Inc. as a primary Investment Partner and distinguished Business Board of Advisors.

General Announcement| 2012 Elderstatesmen       

By George Deeb

Properly structuring your board of directors and advisory board could be one of the most important steps to determining the success of your venture. These are the people you are going to be relying on for strategic direction — or voting on all key decisions. So it’s important you get this right. More>

Johnny The Bagger

Many are battling one struggle after another- the odds of success seem further and further away with each passing month. Everyone has a big dream in life; not many start out in life…this journey, with a hope for failure in their future. Many of us want to go farther, to do something great- to follow the dream inside. Often times we think- well I don’t have the money, I don’t have the connections, the partners or the family necessary to succeed…the obstacles seem too big. Don’t let this thinking discourage your destiny. You may not always see a way forward, but each one of us has a seed of greatness…a great promise within us, like a fire in our bones- a still small voice on the inside that compels us onward. Take this deep down restlessness and put it into action- some of us are looking for other people to bring about our dreams, our destiny…but it is time for you to rise up, to rise higher and become the person and the achiever you are meant to be. Begin to water those seeds of greatness, fan the flames of your burning desire- you have what it takes to dig down, to persevere and reach all your dreams!

A great article with tremendous insight into why so many companies often come up short, what leads them to failure

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